Commercial Deep Fryer
Commercial Deep Fryer

Commercial Deep Fryer, A Guide To Choosing the Right Equipment For Your Business.

Since Commercial Deep Fryer machines are not typically the cheapest kitchen devices on the market, commercial deep fryer for sale near me

You’ll want to look for a few factors that can put your mind at ease when on the lookout to buy one, such as high customer ratings and reviews, a good warranty, and at least a reputable manufacturer or distributor.

All aspects that can attest to the machine’s performance and durability.

Commercial deep fryers are not all made the same, however, and below we discuss some of the different types and styles.

Types of Fryers 

The main types of commercial deep fryers available are electric deep fryers and gas deep fryers. If the establishment already has a gas line, buying a gas option is a no-brainer, especially for larger businesses as it will make running costs much cheaper.

Commercial gas fryers are available in natural gas or propane gas models.

Electric deep fryers are usually cheaper to buy than gas models and are more suited to smaller businesses, and are much easier to use as that is little maintenance involved.

Whichever model you buy, the food usually tastes the same, and you can still make an array of delicious fried food, including chicken wings, onion rings, french fries, chicken tenders, egg rolls, shrimp, and many more. 

Commercial Fryers Size and Weight

commercial use, depending on how much food needs to be cooked at once or per day (and how much oil is needed to fry it), will dictate the type and size of machine you’ll need for your establishment. 

Preparing larger quantities of food per day, a larger tank of oil will be required to deep fry food. On average, 40-pound commercial deep fryers can output approximately 60-80 pounds of food per hour.

Free-standing fryers (floor fryers) are another style of commercial fryer ideal for venues catering to a high volume of deep-fried food like french fries. 

For smaller food companies, like cafes or food trucks, a compact fryer with a single fryer basket could be suitable.

Countertop fryers also need to be safely installed on a workbench with the ability to withstand their weight.

Deep Fryer Oil Filtration

Not all deep fryers have an oil filter design or an oil filtration system.

However, in order to keep the oil and food that is cooked in it as fresh as possible, a lot of fryers allow for a fairly simple oil extraction making it easy to drain oil and clean the tank. 

There are many things that companies can do, however, to save costs and to keep the oil fresh, such as drain it and filter it themselves to get rid of small food particles.

It’s also possible to purchase an in-pot filtration system that can test the oil quality to ensure premium food quality every time.

Commercial Deep Fryer Maintenance 

Most commercial deep fryers are made of stainless steel and will have a drain valve to help with day-to-day cleaning.

This valve allows cleaning without the need to remove the oil, which, in turn, reduces waste.

When planning for weekly, monthly, and annual servicing of appliances, it is also worth keeping an eye out for oil build-up and checking that the knobs are working properly and that the panels are secure.

Fixing these things in advance is more economical than getting—or even finding—replacement parts down the line.

Other Deep Fryer Considerations—Safety

Whatever its size, a commercial deep fryer needs to have enough workspace to operate safely and efficiently and should have substantial room around it in order to prevent any potential oil splashes that could injure colleagues, get onto the floor unnoticed and prove to be a hazard, or get onto anything else that could be deemed unsanitary within a kitchen.

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