While builders have always required spiral ducts for their buildings until recently these features were tucked away behind walls and drop ceiling panels. NeoEng Limited has incorporated exposed oval and spiral ducts and pipes into some of your best buildings. The result is custom fabrication of spiral duct products that is truly appreciated by all customers.

Of course, the best ductwork also serves a practical purpose. During the construction of any commercial building, HVAC and ventilation systems are some of the most important features. When fabricated and designed correctly, they can also contribute to the aesthetic of the building.

NeEeng specializes in fabricating stainless steel and galvanized spiral ducts for restaurants, hotels, butcheries, hospitals, and other commercial facilities. We design and fabricate exposed spiral ducts made of sheet metal work particularly well in contemporary buildings, while round, rectangular, and oval duct products all work well in these spaces as statement pieces.

Benefits of Spiral Ducts:

Air leakage is a big problem at duct joints, often leading to energy loss or system inefficiency. The sealed, rounded, oval duct products seal in the air, while other duct systems need reinforced joints to guarantee efficient airflow.

Since there is very little evidence of leaking, additional costs of filtering, heating, and cooling, and air distribution are minimized. The airtight systems keep the airflow in check.

The air pressure of the air leaving the air duct is typically lower. Since the internal pressure is consistent, the air flows more evenly throughout the duct for superior ventilation.

Indoor air quality can be seriously disturbed by air leakage. These airtight ducts convey cleaner air since there are no foreign objects coming into the duct nor out, meaning that there is less need for additional fresh-air intake.

There is no difference in pressure in spiral air ducts, as there are in rectangular ducts. There are also no interruptions in airflow, which makes spiral ducts far quieter. Because of this, exposed oval spiral ducts are ideal for open building layouts.

Approved cleaning methods for spiral ductwork are effective, widely available, and cost-efficient as well.

Rectangular ducts require extra space to account for connectors and reinforcements. Spiral oval duct products are more seamless and take up as much as three inches less space.

Spiral duct installment, including parts, labor, packaging, waste disposal, and more, can cost up to 50% less than installing rectangular ducts.

Simply put, not only are they stylish and practical, but spiral ducts are also trending for a good reason.

NeoEng engineers will analyze your construction and advice on the best ducting system. Feel free to contact us for the best advice with the best approach. Whether a domestic or commercial building, we use utmost professionalism in advising all our customers.

Advantages of Galvanized Spiral Ducts

Reduced Air Leaks

Insulating spiral ductwork will make sure that the air flowing through your HVAC system will stay at the desired temperature and not leak out. Leaking air results in up to 30% energy loss and makes your HVAC system work harder. Insulation will prevent energy waste, leaks, and temperature drops. Not only will you save money on your energy bills but you’ll also avoid expensive furnace repairs and maintenance costs. The ideal places for spiral ducting insulation are residential ceilings, floors, and basements.

Prevents Condensation Buildup

Cooler air traveling through warmer areas of your home can cause condensation to build up in the spiral duct fittings. This moisture can lead to mold and mildew growth unless you insulate it properly. Before insulating, you’ll need to have an HVAC contractor seal the oval ductwork with mastic. Mastic is a better alternative than duct tape because it won’t deteriorate or shrink.

Lower Noise Levels

Ductwork can produce rattling, whistling, or buzzing noises as air travel through the system. Insulating contemporary spiral ductwork can create a damper to lower noise levels.

Cleaner Evaporator Coil

If you have air leaks in your heating and cooling system, dust and debris can accumulate on the evaporator coil. Air filters can help reduce buildup but they may not prevent it completely. When you seal and insulate your oval spiral ductwork, you’ll prevent dirty air from reaching your evaporator coil and help your system run more efficiently.

Maximize the efficiency of your spiral ductwork by getting it insulated. You’ll be able to save money on energy costs and make your home safer and more comfortable. There are a few different options of insulation you can choose for your home’s heating and cooling system Learn more about how spiral ductwork insulation can benefit you by giving us here at NeoEng a call.

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