Following years of practice, we have perfected our art in the supply and installation of bakery equipment. Whether a commercial or non-commercial bakery, NeoEng delivers as per your requirements. Our team will guide you on the best equipment based on your space and budget.

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All our equipment are custom-made to fit your space, budget, and operations.

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Bakery Products Checklist

Whether you are setting up a new bakery from scratch, or upgrading an existing one, you need to know which equipment will fit your business model before you do the actual purchasing. This guide will help you to decide on the best bakery products you need to run a successful bakery.

Below is a checklist that outlines some must-have bakery equipment for some of the most successful bakeries in the market.

Commercial Mixers

Whatever you are planning to mix and make will determine the style of mixer that you need. Large volume bakeries and pizzerias need a floor model mixer. This type is usually high capacity and helps to keep large quantities of dough under control.

For smaller bakeries, a countertop mix will suffice since they are characterized by occasional and light to medium mixing. However, if you are thinking of scaling operations as your business grows, it is wise to invest in a mixer that will accommodate the volume of mixing operations as you expand.

Commercial Ovens

You should consider both the final product and volume when selecting a commercial oven. High-quality commercial ovens offer baking consistency and reliability. If you are a major baker, you should prioritize volume and power. Therefore, you should go for full-size rack ovens.

One advantage of such ovens is that you can put multiple full-size pans in the interior. On the flipside, if you are operating a small business, consider purchasing a smaller size oven. This will also help to cut down on operating costs such as electricity.

Convection ovens are a common type of bakery equipment used by many bakers. They are affordable and easy to operate. They use a fan to circulate hot air throughout the oven’s interior for even and efficient baking. They are available in both electric and gas options and come in a variety of sizes.

Proofing Cabinets

If you are planning to offer bread and other pastries that require your dough to rise, you need a proofing cabinet. This is a type of bakery equipment that comes with humidity controls which allow the bakers to control moisture levels during the proofing process.

You will see these products in bakeries where, for instance, loaves of bread are placed inside waiting to be baked. They range from smaller, under-counter units to larger full-size units.

Dough Presses and Dough Sheeters

Dough presses and dough sheeters are important pieces of bakery equipment, especially for bakeries, delis, and pizzerias. They are designed to press large volumes of dough into flat and even sheets that are ready for preparation and baking.

These products offer consistency that is ideal for pizza, pastry, and bread dough. The main difference between a dough press and a dough sheeter is that the former uses a heated head to flatten the dough, while the latter uses a roller to flatten out the dough.

These types of bakery equipment are available in both countertop and floor models to meet your business needs.

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