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About Us

We design, fabricate, and install stainless steel items suited for commercial kitchens (hotels, hospitals & schools) and food industries.

We fabricate kitchen worktops, gas burners, storage racks & boilers among others. We also provide solutions for mechanical ventilation eg. kitchen hoods, mechanical fans and duct work. Our services extend to cover gas plumbing both LPG and bulk gas piping.


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Why Choose Stain Steels Material


Stainless steel is an extremely hygienic material due to the fact that it is extremely easy to clean and sanitize.

Impact Resistance & strong

Stainless steel is an extremely tough and highly durable material with high impact resistance.

Fire & Heat Resistance

Stainless steel has this attribute because of its oxidation resistance, even at high temperatures. This enables it to retain its strength under harsh and extreme temperature conditions very effectively.


Stainless steel is typically created from about 70% scrap metal meaning its foundations come from that which isn’t being used. Furthermore, it’s 100% recyclable in its original form which means it can be repurposed should it cease to serve its original function.

Our Products

Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Staircase Railing

Healthcare Equipment

Industrial Food Processing Equipment

HVAC and Mechanical Ventilation

Gas Plumbing

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We collaborate with industry leaders from every sector.

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