Commercial kitchen equipment
Gas plumbing
HVAC ventilation system
Stainless steel hospital equipment
Commercial Kitchen Equipment

For over 5 years, our company has been designing and manufacturing commercial kitchen equipment. Our products are designed to the greatest standards and have been utilized by some of the best restaurants, schools, and other commercial facilities in the east African community.


Our plumbers handle everything from drain cleaning to water treatments, pipe repairs, water heaters, and more. There is no such thing as a small or large job. A plumbing problem has the potential to compromise the structural integrity of your home, so whether you have a minor plumbing issue, a severe emergency, or a plumbing worry, we can assist you.

Hvac ventilation System

Our team of engineers has extensive experience in the production and installation of a wide range of equipment, including GI Steel Metal Duct, Roof Cyclones, Evaporative Coolers, HEPA Filters, Cold Room Chillers, Goods Lifts, Refuse Soot, and Aluminum Filters.

Stainless Steel Hospital Equipment

We are the best and most reasonably priced makers of stainless steel hospital equipment in the country, with extensive professionals in the country, and we supply to every major hospital in the country and beyond. We create Storage and Transport Medical Equipment, Durable Medical Equipment, Surgical Medical Equipment, and other stainless steel hospital equipment.

Stainless Steel Industrial Tanks

Neoeng is a market leader in producing stainless steel tanks, vessels, and silos that are specifically designed for the dairy industry in Kenya and the rest of East Africa.

Stainless Steel Railings

We are the leading producer and supplier of stainless steel railing, glass railing, and SS fabrication work based in Nairobi, Kenya and and we supply throughout East Africa.

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About Us

We are a sheet metal fabricators in East Africa offering stainless steel kitchen equipment, customized medical equipment & hygiene solutions, mechanical ventilation solutions, cold room equipment & installation for schools, hospitals, supermarkets, restaurants, food processing companies, and more.

We provide a wide range of stainless steel fabrication products and from kitchen worktops, Storage and Transport Medical Equipment, Durable Medical Equipment, Surgical Medical Equipment, stainless steel hospital equipment, Stainless Steel Railings, gas burners, storage racks, and boilers, among other products.

For further information and particular questions, please visit our website.

We design, fabricate, and install stainless steel items suited for commercial kitchens (hotels, hospitals & schools) and food industries.

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Why Choose Stain Steels Material


Stainless steel is an extremely hygienic material due to the fact that it is extremely easy to clean and sanitize.

Impact Resistance & strong

Stainless steel is an extremely tough and highly durable material with high impact resistance.

Fire & Heat Resistance

Stainless steel has this attribute because of its oxidation resistance, even at high temperatures. This enables it to retain its strength under harsh and extreme temperature conditions very effectively.


Stainless steel is typically created from about 70% scrap metal meaning its foundations come from that which isn’t being used. Furthermore, it’s 100% recyclable in its original form which means it can be repurposed should it cease to serve its original function.

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